Custom Velcro Patches: An Innovative Marketing Strategy

Developing the advertising budget for your product or brand can be challenging for small-business owners. The U.S. Small Business Administration suggest allocating approximately eight percent of gross revenue for advertising. In some extremely competitive industries, it may be necessary to allocate up to twenty percent.

Choosing the best and most cost effective method of advertising depends on many factors because advertising has changed over the years. Custom velcro patches are one of the best advertising tools because of the cost and ease of use.  Custom patches have become a strong and effective advertising tool because if its versatility. For more information, visit

All types of clothing including hats, shirts, bags, etc. are ideal for promoting your logo. Custom patches are a cost effective method to promote your company or business. When someone is wearing your logo, that individual becomes a walking billboard promoting your company. Almost any apparel product you can possibly think of is suitable for custom patches. This amazing advertising resource has never been easier.

Modern computerized embroidery machines can create any design or logo into customized patches. With the flexibility of style, color, and dimensions, there is no limit to the type of patch that can be developed as an advertising tool for your company.